Transition to A-Level Mathematics

Chosen Hill School

Welcome To A-level Mathematics at Chosen Hill School

Welcome to the transition unit aimed at helping you prepare for the study of A-level Mathematics.

Through this web site you will be introduced to three topics which you have not studied in GCSE Mathematics. 

The topics are:  Binomial Expansions,  Arithmetic Progressions  and  Geometric Progressions.

You need to teach yourself these topics. The first two are compulsory and the third, Geometric progressions, is optional to show just how committed you are to A level maths. You really need to do all 3 if you think you may not get the grade 7 required to start A level maths.  


On the website are video clips to teach you and give you the understanding required to answer A level questions on these topics. You then need to complete two sets of questions on each topic. The first set are for you to do and mark yourself using the worked solutions on the site. This will help you to gain a stronger understanding of the topic. The second set you need to complete and then email to Mr Herring at by the end of this term (July 19th). In our first week in September we will set an assessment on these three topics to check your understanding.